At this time I am no longer commercially producing handmade tile- devoting all my energy to music (and also finally fitting my OWN home with some nice custom tile!). Having said this, I am still willing to consider some commission work from time to time on a very limited basis……Have decided to leave this page up on my site for you to peruse if you like – enjoy!

From 1990 to 1996, Mark lived on the Navajo Nation, near Canyon de Chelly working as an art teacher. While living there he developed the clay, underglazing and design techniques that permeate much of his current work.

During that time he also pursued graduate work in Art Education at the University of New Mexico’s reknowned Japanese porcelin studio at the Albuquerque campus, studying traditional throwing techniques passed down by master potters from Arita, Japan.  Here he also experimented with underglaze painting techniques using cobalt.

“The love of clay has been with me since middle school along with a love for pen and ink and other fine lines and brush work. These two interests synthesized in the early 1990’s while teaching on the Navajo Nation. At that time I started to do design work on clay inspired in part by design work of Hopi, Zuni, and Mata Ortiz potters.

Since 1996, I have resided in the San Luis Valley, on the border of Colorado and New Mexico. The beautiful skies and landscapes, along with the proximity to the wealth of painting talent in nearby Taos , NM have helped my work continue to grow and change. 

In the past I have mostly chosen landscapes and architectural portraits for subject matter because these things catch my eye. I depict these scenes on tile partially because of the permanent nature of tile – They will be around a lot longer than photos, digital images, paintings and other images… some cultures of the past we only know about from their tile work.

Much of the design work comes directly from patterns found in nature.

In 2007 I started depicting musical instruments in my tile paintings. This has expanded into full tile murals depicting musical instruments, sometimes in whimsical surrealistic settings, flying over canyons or foraging in forests.”

Mark’s tile has been installed in several notable musician’s homes in the Nashville area and around the United States, and was featured in Western Interiors Magazine, summer 2007.