Mark Dudrow comes from a musical family and has been playing the cello since 1973.

He performs primarily on a carbon fiber cello made by the Luis and Clark company in Boston. MA. He sometimes is spotted with a one-of-a-kind koa mandolin, created by Taos luthier, Tony Sutherland, or with whatever guitar happens to be lying around.

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Mark is currently recording and playing live shows with Taos favorite, Kate Mann, and of course with High Desert Acoustic Duo (Mark and Justin Dean)  

Kate Mann and Mark Dudrow  are a powerful musical combination , Not to be missed! The first duo recording will be released late Feb 2017!

Other events to watch for:

Occasional classical cello/piano forays with pianist Martha Shepp!

Random shows with creepy Taos Goth-billy band Bone Orchard

Note: “I offer Cello Lessons  in the Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado area…Instruction is tailored to the individual and can cover note reading and beginning classical, improv, traditional folk music or any combo of the above! contact me for more info! Look forward to meeting you!”


Mark Dudrow & Justin Dean

Mark performs regularly with Justin Dean, Taos area guitarist, fiddler, singer and songwriter- described as a” High Desert Acoustic Duo”

Look for our new 2017 release of recordings at the Spruce Hole Yurt any day now!

Visit CD Baby to purchase the album or download tracks.

Click on a link below to listen to an excerpt from the album:

  1. Song of the Chanter (3:30)
    This is one of our favorite “variations” on a traditional tune…playing live, we usually configure it differently each time…
  2. Back in the Pleistocene (3:45)
    REALLY olde time music…
  3. Shenandoah Falls (3:34)
    A modern American take on a traditional American tune.
  4. Let It Burn (4:22)
    This is Justin’s little soapbox commentary on fire ecology and fire suppression, having worked as a wildland firefighter for many years; he just had to write a song…
  5. Foxhunter’s Jig (2:14)
    One of our favorite jigs in 9/8
  6. Dunmore Lasses (2:55)
    Traditional Irish tune (we assume this refers to young ladies from Dunmore rather than being a boastful statement)
  7. Sailors of the Sagebrush Ocean (3:31)
    A celebration of open spaces and nomadic hearts…
  8. Dirtbag Tele Skier (2:08)
    This is the most serious political song we have; a real Romeo and Juliet type love story set on a fresh powder day!!
  9. Hag at the Kiln (1:57)
    This is a kind of Irish tune called a Slide (as opposed to a Jig) It is said that the names of traditional Celtic tunes are random and usually have no actual bearing on the tune itself…still, we have a hard time not attaching a mental image to this tune from it’s name…
  10. Handyman (2:41)
    Any guy can relate to this, que no? Advertising Departments from all major hardware outlets may submit bids for use of this song to
  11. The Unmarked Flask (3:46)
    While this song sounds like it is about imbibing alcohol, it is really about the music business…credit for the phrase “Million Dollars a Note” goes to P&L.
  12. We Are Not a Jam Band (3:21)
    Special thanks to Tony Schueller for the name and concept behind this composition. We play this different every time. This track was recorded in one single take with no overdubs.

Justin Dean: vocals, guitar (except on Unmarked Flask), and fiddle
Mark Dudrow: cello, mandolin, backing vocals, guitar on Unmarked Flask
Melissa Crabtree: Backing Vocals on Sailors of the Sagebrush Ocean

Mark also has performed with virtuoso Transgalactic Cellist extraordinaire, Michael Kott in a duo known as CellosTwo.

In 2007 the two cellists began meeting at the Historic Taos Inn, in Taos NM to play two cellos. They met with no rehearsal or set list- they just started playing !

Mark and Michael both come from a  convoluted and ever evolving history of cello playing- both within the more  common arena of classical music and into the less explored areas of jazz, electronica, traditional folk musics, and pure improvisation.

They recorded one studio project, using the same approach in the studio as they used live-take out two cellos and start playing.  Click on a link below to listen to an excerpt from the album:

  1. Cello Regatta Musick (8:18)
  2. Layla’s Tune (2:06)
  3. Killer Bees & Magic Goat (3:22)
  4. Gallina Canyon Groove (4:40)
  5. Celloblue (5:26)
  6. Bow Hair Metal (3:25)
  7. Cellos in the Woods (1:11)
  8. St. Vitus’ Dance (5:43)


Mark has played and recorded with many many other artists and ensembles in the Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado region including (but not limited to!):  Don Conoscenti,  Chipper Thompson, Mason Brown, Roger Landes, Don Richmond, Ed Caner, Radio Free Bassanda, Desert Highway, Kim and the Caballeros and the San Juan Symphony Orchestra.

In 2004, Mark played solo cello for the dedication ceremony for the newly designated Sand Dunes National Park.